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Heel spur removal using shock wave therapy

Unpleasant sensations in the heel area should not be ignored, because they are the first sign of a heel spur. If you experience even slight pain, be sure to visit a specialist to identify the causes of this situation and prescribe appropriate treatment. So, the application of individual techniques in the early stages allows you to get positive results even in the case of plantar fasciitis. It is believed that shock wave therapy of the heel spur will help to achieve full recovery or significantly reduce the symptoms of the disease.

Heel spur general information

Plantar fasciitis is the official name of the popular heel spur disease, which is a pathological proliferation of the calcaneus, the appearance of a bone growth.

Fasciitis is quite common, but only those who are not lucky enough to experience it can assess its consequences. The main symptom of the disease is acute, intolerable pain, comparable only with a violation of the integrity of the skin. The greatest peak unpleasant sensations reach in the morning or after a long stay in a state of rest.

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There are many reasons for the appearance and development of heel spurs. The most at risk are people suffering from flat feet, vascular and bone diseases, overweight people, and also professionally involved in sports. It is believed that in most cases fasciitis affects people from the age of 40 years.

The main methods of treatment

Proper treatment of the disease involves several stages: identifying and eliminating the causes of the heel spur, as well as maximizing the removal of unpleasant symptoms and preventing relapse of exacerbation. The most popular ways to deal with fasciitis are:

  • physiotherapy;
  • taking painkillers (solely to eliminate unpleasant symptoms);
  • surgical intervention (for an illness in an extreme stage);
  • laser;
  • shock wave therapy.

heel spur

The last of these methods has been studied relatively little, but the first positive results of its application have already been recorded. Let’s talk about this form of treatment in a little more detail so that each potential patient can make a choice whether he needs such therapy or not.

The effectiveness of the shock wave technique

The positive effect of shock wave therapy is explained by the beneficial properties of a wave directed to problem tissues. It is believed that its effect provides the following positive changes:

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  • local acceleration of metabolism;
  • relief of pain;
  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • strengthening local immunity and stimulating internal recovery processes;
  • restoration of ligament elasticity;
  • loosening of bone formation.

The combination of these properties allows not only to reduce the external symptoms of fasciitis, but also to prevent its recurrence, as well as, with a successful set of circumstances, to crush the formation that has just appeared.

Operating principle

The principle of therapy is based on the use of acoustic waves of a certain frequency (below 25 Hz) For carrying out manipulations, a special apparatus is required, on the basis of which about 5-7 healing procedures are performed for up to 30 minutes. Radiation reduces pain, contributes to loosening of the fibrous zones, improves cell regeneration processes.

heel spur treatment

Positive changes come pretty quickly, according to patients’ reviews, the pain is worse after the first visit to a specialist. During exposure, some people experience unpleasant tingling or mild pain, but local anesthesia is still not required in this case.

Advantages and disadvantages

To learn more about shock wave therapy, we will compare the positive and negative sides of the technique. So, the advantages of technology include:

  • operational achievement of the desired results;
  • minimum side effects;
  • lack of a rehabilitation period;
  • moderate cost.
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We should not forget that the technique has certain contraindications, and this, of course, can be attributed to the category of disadvantages. Procedures are not performed during pregnancy, infection, as well as in adolescence. In addition, this type of effect can be contraindicated in oncology, the presence of pacemakers, diseases of the circulatory system.

Among other things, a significant theoretical disadvantage is the poor theoretical knowledge of the technique and the unpleasant sensations during its implementation.

Spur treatment with shock wave therapy successfully used in medicine for the treatment of pathological education and other diseases of the human skeletal system. The technique provides significant positive results, does not require rehabilitation, is not accompanied by side effects and helps to achieve what is desired by improving internal rehabilitation processes after the first few sessions.

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