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Laser Acne Elimination: features and benefits

Have you tried all the ways to eliminate skin rashes, but is there no result? It’s time to go to radical measures, for example, to remove acne with a laser. This modern technique is one of the most effective, it not only helps to achieve pronounced and lasting positive results, but also has almost no side effects, does not cause unpleasant sensations and eliminates the very cause of the manifestations of formations. What are its advantages and what are the distinctive characteristics?

Indications for the procedure

It is no secret that acne on the skin occurs due to many reasons. The prerequisites for their appearance are the presence of bacteria, pollution, excessive secretion of sebum, subcutaneous mites, hormonal changes and diseases of the internal organs. In addition, the use of certain foods or medications can lead to rashes.. Laser exposure is most successful in case of acne due to:

  • increased oily skin and clogged pores secreted by a secret;
  • the activity of microorganisms and bacteria.
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Quite often, both of these factors are present in the patient at the same time, which leads to significant complexity of skin disease. But even in such a case, the laser can eliminate the root of the problem, which will lead not only to stop external manifestations, but also minimize the risk of relapse.

In all other situations, even such a perfect technique will have little practical benefit, because it can eliminate acne only for a while, without defeating the true cause of their occurrence. In this context, it will be rational to undergo diagnostics, specific treatment, and only then carry out an aesthetic laser correction of acne and other rashes.

The principle of operation of the procedure

So, you have identified the cause of acne and decided on laser treatment. Information about exactly how this method works will certainly be useful. Its main advantages include multifunctionality and the ability to carry out work in several directions at once. Spot radiation aimed at problem areas of the patient’s skin, contributes to:

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  • Heat treatment and destruction of pathogenic bacteria.
  • The formation of an irritating effect, which, in turn, favorably affects local immunity and increases the body’s resistance to reproduction and the life of viruses and bacteria.
  • The production of collagen fibers and the regeneration of damaged cells, which means that, in addition to medical therapy, aesthetic healing of the problem area, reduction of scars and spots occurs.
  • Narrowing pores and reducing secretions of sebaceous secretion.

Acne Stages

The main stages of the procedure

Laser treatment does not require any special training. The only general recommendation before the procedure is the ban on visiting the solarium or taking active sunbathing for about 5 – 7 days.

The therapy session itself in most cases lasts about 10-15 minutes. To begin with, the problematic area of ​​the face or body is cleaned of all contaminants or makeup, disinfected, and only after that it is treated with a special conductive compound. The specialist clearly evaluates the individual characteristics of each patient, and on their basis sets the intensity and depth of radiation. At the end of the manipulation, a special soothing mask is applied to the treated skin.

As for the general characteristics of the procedure, then, of course, short-termness and complete painlessness can be attributed to them. During exposure, most patients feel pleasant warmth and very weak tingling, there is no need for any anesthesia.

It will be possible to evaluate the results already a few hours after the end of the session, however, it should be remembered that treatment of this kind in most situations is carried out by a course of 3 – 6 procedures with a break from one week to 12 days

before-and-after-acne removal

Laser before and after acne removal with a laser

Rehabilitation and side effects

Laser treatment is in high demand due to the almost complete absence of side effects, but they can still be. So, in the first hours after treatment of the skin there is a slight swelling and redness. Unpleasant complications disappear within about a day without special treatment and care.

The rehabilitation period of the problem area lasts about a week, at the end of the allotted time, the patient can re-visit therapeutic manipulations. During the specified time, you should refuse to visit saunas, baths and tanning salons. In addition, regardless of the time of year, it is not out of place to use a cream with a high factor of protection from sunlight before going out.


Unfortunately, laser acne treatment has a number of contraindications and may not be available to every patient. So, the procedure is usually prohibited when:

  • exacerbation of skin diseases (psoriasis, herpes and others);
  • oncology;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • diabetes.

Advantages of the technique

Let’s concretize what are the main advantages of eliminating acne, acne and other skin rashes with a laser. So, experts note the following advantages of the technique:

  • The ability to eliminate both matured and even hidden acne.
  • The ultra-small volume of the directed beam allows you to achieve the effect of local treatment of the affected tissue and not affect healthy skin.
  • The ability to not only eliminate acne, but also minimize the effects of their appearance.
  • High efficiency with a minimum of complications and discomfort.
  • Short rehabilitation period.
  • The possibility of an individual approach to the problem by adjusting the settings of the device, the intensity of the radiation and the depth of its penetration.
  • Possibility of use at any age and with any type of skin.

Laser Acne Removal is one of the few methods that allow not only to radically eliminate the existing problem, but also to minimize the consequences of its manifestation. Therapy is carried out by the course, the principle of its action is based on the destruction of bacteria, correction of the sebaceous glands, stimulating cell renewal and increasing the immunity of local zones.

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