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Laser callus removal

Most often, the cause of the formation of corns becomes uncomfortable or not suitable in size shoes. Today, this problem is more or less found in 9 of 10 people. The seemingly harmless formations not only look aesthetically ugly, but are often accompanied by painful sensations, interfering with a person’s full life. Laser callus removal is the most effective and at the same time safe way to solve the problem.

Nature of education

Corn is a pathological compaction of the skin. It occurs due to increased mechanical stress, constant pressure or friction of the skin. There are several types of formations, however, laser exposure is used, as a rule, to eliminate the so-called corns.

They look like a hard, ossified outgrowth, in the center of which there is a spike that grows into the depths of soft tissues. Recognizing such a callus is not difficult, it is accompanied by inflammatory processes and pain in adjacent tissues. Among the direct indications for its removal are also the appearance of cracks and secretions, a color change.

As for corns, they are also considered a variety of dry corns, but they do not have a core and differ in a layered structure. They are not accompanied by painful sensations, but interfere with the wearing of slates, open shoes, sandals. There are formations on the feet and in the space between the fingers.

Water corns are not removed by laser: this is not done due to the lack of expediency. In this case, it is enough to use antiseptic drugs and glue the rubbed area with a protective patch.

Procedure algorithm

Before direct treatment of the callus, injection pain relief is necessary, it completely eliminates the discomfort during laser exposure. The use of local anesthetic creams and cooling systems built into the laser equipment in this case will not be enough.

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After the anesthesia has worked, the immediate process of removing the corn begins. Depending on the type of laser beam, it can be implemented in two ways:

  • Evaporation of pathological tissues.
  • Coagulation and removal of pathological tissues.

removal of corns by laser

After elimination, a wound remains in the place of the callus – a notch that gradually tightens over time. To prevent its infection, treatment with antiseptic agents and the application of a special protective dressing are required at the end of the procedure.

core corn

To cope with corns is much easier, since they do not grow deep into the soft tissues, often even pain relief is not required to deal with them.


Laser exposure is limited by an impressive list of contraindications. Before deciding to remove dry corns and corns in this way, make sure that you do not suffer from:

  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Oncology.
  • Nervous disorders, epilepsy.
  • Individual intolerance to laser radiation.
  • Elevated body temperature.
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In addition, the laser is not used to reduce corns during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It should also be remembered that before the procedure it is necessary to visit a preliminary consultation with a surgeon, who will determine the feasibility of such an effect for each specific patient.

Rehabilitation period

Laser callus control is a minimally invasive procedure. This term means that the impact is minimal, and therefore should not be accompanied by prolonged rehabilitation and complications.

Unfortunately, reviews that wound healing from corns lasts long enough are common. To speed up rehabilitation, the following basic recommendations should be followed:

  • Refuse to wear tight shoes and high-heeled shoes.
  • Reduce physical activity as much as possible, lie or sit more, do not run.
  • Monitor the condition of the wound, the color of the skin around it, conduct regular antiseptic treatments.
  • Refrain from visiting pools, tanning salons and baths. Do not swim in open water.
  • Change protective dressings regularly to prevent contamination of the wound.
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Advantages and disadvantages of procedure

Laser elimination of corns has a number of significant advantages over other methods. So, procedures of this kind:

  • Do not cause soft tissue infection due to the lack of direct contact with the skin.
  • For the most part, they are carried out one-time and do not require a second visit to a specialist.
  • They have a short rehabilitation period.
  • Absolutely safe for health and do not cause side effects.
  • Do not leave marks on the skin.
  • They are characterized by a low probability of relapse.
  • Not accompanied by pain.

Disadvantages of laser exposure also exist, but they are very minor. These include an impressive list of contraindications and the relatively high cost of the procedure.

Laser callus removal held for 5-10 minutes. The method of anesthesia is selected depending on the type of callus, after processing, a small wound remains in its place, on top of which a protective dressing is applied. The healing process lasts up to 2 weeks, during which compliance with the basic recommendations is required.

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