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Laser removal of a wen

Benign tumors, known as adipose or lipomas, cause a lot of inconvenience. They quickly grow and disfigure a person’s appearance; moreover, they are not amenable to medical treatment and can only be eliminated through physical action.

Laser lipoma removal differs from other methods in the speed of the procedure, the absence of risk of bleeding and other complications, the short rehabilitation period, which does not require special manipulations.

Nature of education

The term “lipoma” in Russian means “fatty tumor” or simply “adipose”. According to statistics, in 60% of cases they appear in women, and in 40% in men. It is also believed that they mainly occur in people aged 30 years. The reason for the appearance – blockage of the sebaceous ducts.

Most often, wen appear on the head, neck and shoulders, upper back, but can affect the legs and internal organs. They do not cause discomfort, rarely form singly and grow relatively quickly.

lipoma on the head

Lipoma on the head

The lipoma does not pass by itself, over time it only increases in size and penetrates deeper into the dermis through the muscles and blood vessels, reaching the periosteum. If you remove it at the very beginning, there will be no scars, but if you run it all, then scars can no longer be avoided.

lipoma on the neck

Lipoma on the neck

There are several methods for removing wen and they are all carried out by specialists. Home treatment is not effective, does not bring results and leads to the loss of valuable time and complications. Operations are performed by surgical, laser methods or by freezing.

lipoma on the arm

Lipoma on the arm

How is the removal going?

The duration of the operation is 20 – 60 minutes, the exact amount of time is determined by the size and location of the wen. It is carried out under local anesthesia, and with large lipomas under anesthesia, due to which discomfort is almost minimal.

The essence of the operation is to dissect the skin over the lipoma using a carbon dioxide laser beam, then the fat capsule is removed and the resulting cavity is treated (disinfection, sealing of blood vessels). At the end, a suture and a sterile gauze dressing are applied.

Lipoma Removal Procedure

The period after the procedure

Laser lipoma removal does not cause serious complications, but is sometimes accompanied by temporary side effects, which are expressed in slight swelling and redness of the skin. Risks of infection, inflammation, scarring are minimized.

An important nuance is that this operation does not require the patient to be in the hospital. After the intervention, you can go home and visit a surgeon to observe the healing process only occasionally.

On the first day you should not take a hot shower, wear clothes that squeeze the problem area. During 20 days, you should not visit public pools, solariums and baths, it is recommended to reduce physical activity.


This operation is not suitable for every patient. In some cases, experts do not recommend its implementation, due to the presence of the following contraindications:

  • diabetes;
  • oncological diseases;
  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation;
  • acute stage of any disease.

The operation will be ineffective with impressive size and a large penetration depth of the lipoma. For such cases, it is recommended to resort to surgical intervention.

Advantages and weaknesses

Opinions of professionals and patients about this procedure often differ. There are also negative reviews. It is generally accepted that after it, the risk of relapse is quite high, in addition, it is suitable only for small lipomas.

However, positive reviews are also present. Surgeons note the high accuracy of the procedures performed, the absence of risks for adjacent healthy tissues, and the minimization of bleeding due to vascular coagulation. An important point – after surgery, the lipoma can be sent for additional studies.

Laser lipoma removal – a modern procedure that allows you to get rid of it in less than an hour. It consists in cutting the skin and disinfecting the cavity. In this case, the risks of complications are minimized, and the rehabilitation period lasts no more than 2 – 3 weeks.

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