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Laser removal of moles: features of the procedure

Moles (nevi) in open areas of the face and body can not only spoil the appearance, but also give their owner a certain charm and piquancy. So is it worth it to eliminate such formations? It is not so simple to give an exact answer to this question, because not all nevi are harmless, some of them can also conceal a hidden threat to health.

When deciding to change your appearance, be extremely careful, an incorrectly selected correction method can provoke serious consequences. In modern aesthetic medicine, the removal of moles with a laser is considered to be the most effective method of therapy. But is it true, as well as what positive features and minuses a similar technique has, and we will try to figure it out.

What are moles and how can they be dangerous?

Moles are present on the body of almost every person. The nature of their appearance is due to increased production of melanin, the pigment that is contained in skin cells. It is virtually impossible to prevent such a situation; genetics, hormones, frequent exposure to the sun and much more can serve as its catalyst.

In most cases, moles do not pose any danger to human health. It is no coincidence that nevi are commonly referred to as formations: being a benign form, under certain conditions they can degenerate, causing the development of cancer.

When should moles be removed?

Of course, nevi are not subject to removal at all and not always. If it does not cause danger and does not cause inconvenience to its owner, there is simply no sense in carrying out the procedure. However, you may notice that in some cases, surgery is highly recommended. As a rule, this may be due to:

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  • a high risk of birthmark injuries (if it is located at the waist or in the decollete, in the inguinal region, that is, where constant friction occurs and there is a great chance of mechanical damage);
  • the presence of spots in open areas of the body (nevi subject to constant exposure to ultraviolet degenerate much more often).

In addition, the removal of a mole with a laser may be required in case of partial or complete injury, active growth or modification. The unpleasant symptoms that tell you that something is wrong, include pain, itching, discoloration of a mole.

Remove moles with a high risk of injury

Remove moles with a high risk of injury

Why is it recommended to remove moles with a laser?

There are several different methods for eliminating nevi, however, laser exposure is the most popular in aesthetic medicine. The main advantages include:

  • minimum amount of discomfort in the process;
  • no risk of relapse and high efficiency (complete elimination of the birthmark);
  • the possibility of a point effect directly on altered rather than healthy skin cells;
  • minimum duration of the rehabilitation period;
  • the ability to fix the problem in just one session lasting up to half an hour;
  • minor consequences from the operation, the absence of any serious side effects (inflammation, bleeding, scarring, etc.).

Disadvantages of Laser Birthmark Removal

Despite a significant number of diverse advantages, this kind of operation has some disadvantages.. Perhaps the only negative point is the inability to conduct a subsequent analysis of a mole.

How is the removal?

Let’s talk about how laser moles are removed. At the initial stage, each patient is recommended to check the form of education, and only then agree on the need for surgery. If there are no obstacles to the procedure, it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with possible contraindications, rules of conduct after it and other useful information.

Laser treatment of skin can be carried out both after an injection of local anesthesia and without it. Reading reviews and opinions about the procedure, one often encounters the question: is it painful to remove moles with a laser? It should be noted here, the great influence of the individual factor (spot depth, level of pain threshold). Someone easily tolerates the treatment, while others experience discomfort, even with local anesthesia. In any case, you will not have to experience excessively strong pain.

Laser mole removal procedure

Laser mole removal procedure

Directly removing the stain takes no more than 30 minutes (average value). The laser beam adjusted according to individual settings provokes the division and destruction of melanin, as well as an increase in the quality indicators of healthy cells. Evaluate the final result of the exposure is possible only after 7-10 days.

Contraindications, care and possible consequences

This kind of operation is usually classified as the most atraumatic, but this does not mean at all that the technique in principle has no contraindications and does not require compliance with certain rules of the rehabilitation period. In what cases is it recommended to refrain from such a procedure? First of all, restrictions are imposed when:

  • pregnancy;
  • skin hypersensitivity.

When performing an operation in the latter case, there is a great chance of a number of side effects. Negative consequences can be expressed in local redness of the skin, the formation of a small scar, temporary soreness. As a rule, such manifestations do not require treatment and pass through 1-2 days.

To avoid side effects, it is also crucial to ensure proper skin care. The rehabilitation period lasts approximately 10 days. At the indicated time, it is recommended:

  • Do not allow sunlight to enter the wound.
  • Do not wet the mole location.
  • Do not use swimming pools, solariums, steam rooms, baths and saunas.
  • Provide fresh air to the treated area.
  • Do not use cosmetic preparations to mask the wound.
  • Do not attempt to cause mechanical damage to the wound.

As you can see, skin care is as simple as possible and does not require any special requirements.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after mole removal with a laser No. 1
Photos before and after mole removal with a laser No. 2
Photos before and after mole removal with a laser No. 3
Photos before and after mole removal with a laser No. 4

Having decided to remove the mole with a laser, Be sure to do a preliminary study of contraindications, possible side effects and the rules of the recovery period. Despite the minimal invasiveness of such a procedure, all possible risks must be taken into account. You should not expose your body to any interference just like that.

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