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Laser removal of plantar warts

Most people consider warts to be unaesthetic, but completely harmless in nature. This opinion may be fundamentally wrong, especially when it comes to formations that appeared on the feet. Growths of this type cause significant discomfort and pain, and are also difficult to eliminate. Laser removal of plantar warts is one of the most promising and effective methods of dealing with them that exist in aesthetic medicine today.

What are plantar warts?

Plantar or horn warts are formed exclusively on the feet and skin integrally adjacent to them. They owe their name to the place of permanent deployment. At first, such formations are easily confused with corn or corns, but over time, the symptoms of viral formation become more pronounced. Their distinguishing features include:

  • approximate dimensions from 5 to 20 millimeters in diameter;
  • round, regular shape;
  • flesh-colored, whitish, slightly yellowish in color, eventually turning into darker;
  • the complete absence of an internal papillary pattern;
  • the absence of pain in the first stages and significant unpleasant sensations later (in the center of the growth and in the tissues adjacent to it);
  • the development of the inflammatory process around the wart (not necessary, but quite possible).
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How does the infection occur?

Plantar warts, however, like any other, occur due to the ingress of the virus into the human body. Infection occurs by contact with an infected person or by using common household items. Once on the skin, the virus penetrates through the microscopic wounds into the circulatory system and tries to adapt, changing the structure of the skin. In the presence of strong immunity, the formations do not get the opportunity to break through to the surface, however, with a decrease in the protective barrier, the growths quickly come out.

What is the danger of plantar warts?

Plantar warts are the most problematic variety of all formations of this kind. What are the risks to human health and condition that implies incorrect or untimely treatment? The main hazards are:

  • the possibility of degeneration into a malignant formation due to high injuries;
  • significant pain, inability to walk normally, to shoe, to move the foot;
  • high risk of bleeding and infection.
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Plantar warts occur when a virus enters the body

The main stages of laser removal

Is there a single algorithm for this operation? In different clinics, the removal of horny warts can be carried out with minor changes, however, in general, therapy involves the following steps:

  • Initial consultation, preliminary determination of the benign or malignant nature of the formation.
  • Conducting local anesthesia to stop any discomfort.
  • Laser treatment of the entire growth, including its roots, to completely eliminate the formation and eliminate the recurrence of its formation.
  • Recommendations for the introduction of a recovery period.

Recommendations for the recovery period

After the procedure, a wound is formed on the site of the wart, covered with a dense crust. As a rule, it disappears on its own about one week after the operation, it is strictly forbidden to peel or comb it, this can lead to infection and the development of the inflammatory process.

The main objective of the patient after surgery is to provide the foot with maximum rest, walk as much as possible and lie more, to exclude water from entering the wound. If necessary, special ointments prescribed by a specialist are applied to the place of the former growth. If a small scar is present at the place of the fallen crust or the reddened skin should not be upset, after a while everything should return to normal.

Laser plantar wart removal procedure

Laser plantar wart removal procedure

The advantages of the selected method

Plantar warts can be removed not only with a laser, but also surgically, and if necessary, by freezing with liquid nitrogen. However, it was the procedure based on laser exposure that was so widespread and won numerous positive reviews. The main advantages and benefits of such a procedure include:

  • Possibility of spot treatment (thanks to settings such as exposure depth and beam diameter, a specialist can only eliminate the growth itself without affecting the healthy skin around it).
  • Complete painlessness.
  • Short-term (the whole procedure takes about 15-20 minutes).
  • No need for special wound care.
  • Almost complete absence of side effects.
  • Ability to save education for future study.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after the procedure for removing the plantar wart with a laser No. 1
Photos before and after the procedure for removing the plantar wart with a laser No. 2

The cost of the procedure

Laser removal of growths on the feet is a very affordable procedure from a financial point of view. High efficiency, minimizing the possibility of relapse and reasonable price – these are the factors that make such manipulations very popular in modern aesthetic medicine.

The final financial costs of the patient are determined by the size and number of warts on the foot.

When going to a specialist, do not forget to consider the possible costs of local anesthesia and a number of additional consultations.

Laser removal of plantar warts It is a highly effective method that does not have contraindications and side effects. Carrying out the procedure in this way negates the risks of relapse and allows you to get rid of discomfort once and for all.

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