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Laser wart removal: what can be expected from the procedure?

Warts on the face, neck or any other open surfaces of our body look extremely unaesthetic and can cause the appearance of many complexes. It is impossible to get rid of them on their own, and even extremely dangerous to health. Fortunately, modern cosmetology offers an alternative solution – laser wart removal. This procedure is not only practical, but also effective, which means that most potential patients will like it.

The main types of warts and their distinguishing features

Warts are a skin lesion of a viral nature. There are several main varieties of such nevi:

Are the most common. In appearance they resemble a small nodule of flesh-colored (may darken with time). They are located in a group, while one of the papules is large and considered maternal. As a rule, they are found on the fingers and do not cause discomfort to the owner (pain or itching).

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Most often manifested in puberty against the background of hormonal changes. They differ in pinkish or flesh color, round shape and rough surface. They can be observed on the hands and face of a person, under certain conditions, accompanied by mild itching.

They got their name due to their location, they arise and develop on the feet. They can reach a fairly significant size (up to two centimeters), have a knot shape and have a very dense texture. Warts of this kind cause severe pain and discomfort.

Causes of wart infection and stages of development

As mentioned above, warts have a viral origin. Microorganisms enter the body of a healthy person through microscopic cracks in the skin. By circulating in the blood, the virus adapts and causes a mutation. Most often transmitted through household contact (handshakes, use of common household items).

The process of development of education can be either quite short (less than a month) or quite long (up to one year). The duration of this period depends primarily on the human immune system, its ability to resist the adaptation of the virus.

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It should be remembered that warts tend to actively infect adjacent skin. The chance that, postponing treatment for a couple of weeks, you will become the owners of several new papules at once is quite large, the reviews of hundreds of people are a clear confirmation of this fact.

Warts can occur anywhere on the body.

Warts can appear anywhere on the body.

Features of laser wart removal

To get rid of papules of any kind is possible only by completely eliminating the infected tissue. Laser wart removal is the best way to solve this problem in most cases. What are the main advantages of this method? The main advantages of laser treatment usually include:

  • absence of side effects (no scars or other skin defects remain in the place of the papule);
  • the possibility of carrying out under local anesthesia (such anesthesia is not dangerous to health and perfectly minimizes discomfort during the procedure);
  • lack of risk of bleeding and infection;
  • the possibility of an individual approach (using high-precision equipment, a specialist can adjust the basic settings, depth and diameter of the laser beam);
  • efficiency (all manipulations take about 5-15 minutes);
  • accessibility and lack of contraindications (the complete safety of the method allows its use even when removing warts to children);
  • minimum period of rehabilitation.

The combination of all these factors provides the laser procedure with numerous positive reviews from patients. The whole procedure takes a minimum of time: after applying the anesthetic cream to the skin, the specialist proceeds to evaporate the infected tissue without touching the healthy areas of the skin. At the end of the manipulation, the patient can immediately return to his usual rhythm of life.

Laser Wart Removal Procedure

Laser Wart Removal Procedure

Recovery after the procedure

After removal of the wart with a laser, a short recovery period of the skin occurs, as a rule, its duration is 10-14 days. A small depression forms in the place of the papule, which is covered with a protective crust. Separating it yourself is strictly prohibited, after a while it will simply fall off, without any outside interference.

To consolidate a positive result and protect your own health, it is recommended to follow a number of simple rules for a couple of weeks after the procedure. The main ones are as follows:

  • Do not use cosmetics on a healing area of ​​the skin.
  • Eliminate exposure to direct sunlight on the wound.
  • Observe moderation in hygiene procedures (do not use scrubs, alcohol lotions, excessively hot water when washing and bathing).
  • If necessary, after consulting a doctor, use antiseptic agents to treat the wound.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after removal of the wart with a laser No. 1
Photos before and after removal of the wart with a laser No. 2
Photos before and after removal of the wart with a laser No. 3
Photos before and after removal of the wart with a laser No. 4

Laser wart removal It is a universal and highly practical method for the complete elimination of this formation of a viral nature. The main distinguishing features are: financial availability, short-term exposure, accessibility for any category of patients and the complete absence of side effects.

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