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Removal of condyloma with a laser

Condyloma – a benign formation that occurs when a person is infected with the human papillomavirus, most often appears on the mucous membranes of the genital organs. Such formations give a person considerable discomfort and quickly multiply, increasing in quantity. Removal of genital warts with a laser is one of the possible methods of struggle, quite safe and painless, and therefore popular.

The nature of education and its features

Condyloma is a type of benign tumor. Small in size, it resembles a growth of flesh or pinkish color and is manifested not only on the surface of the skin, but also on the mucous membranes. Condylomas rarely occur singly, mostly they are observed in groups.

The cause of their occurrence is the papilloma virus. From person to person, he is transmitted through close household contact, including sexual contact. It is also present in urine and saliva, but does not enter the bloodstream and does not affect internal organs.

After infection, condylomas do not appear immediately, the incubation period of the disease can range from several weeks to several years. The disease makes itself known with a sharp decrease in immunity, against the background of other viral and bacterial diseases, hypothermia or overheating.

The most dangerous genital warts, sexually transmitted infections. Some strains of the virus can cause a benign tumor to degenerate into a malignant one. That is why any condyloma can not be ignored, it is imperative to ensure its professional removal.

Genital warts in intimate areas may be accompanied by itching, burning, provoke a feeling of moisture, they will bleed when injured, and an inflammatory process may occur. As for flat genital warts, they are rarely accompanied by any unpleasant sensations, therefore they are diagnosed less often.

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There are cases when condylomas disappear on their own and do not require treatment, as a rule, this occurs within 3-4 months after they appear on the surface of the skin or mucous membranes. The “older” the condyloma, the less chance that it will disappear without treatment.

Treatment of genital warts is best entrusted to a specialist. This will avoid unnecessary complications and unpleasant consequences. In most cases, the elimination of such tumors is carried out using a laser. It is believed that such a technique is the most effective, safe and reasonably affordable from a financial point of view.

Delete algorithm

Removal of genital warts with a laser, as a rule, does not take more than 30 minutes (time is given relative to the elimination of several formations and taking into account anesthesia). The procedure is quite simple and is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • Anesthesia. Prevents discomfort during the removal process. An anesthetic cream or injection is used, depending on the size of the warts.
  • Removal. Before performing the manipulations, the specialist must set individual equipment settings for working with each specific patient (beam diameter and power). The laser vaporizes the tumor tissue and seals the blood vessels, preventing bleeding.
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laser therapy

It should be noted that the laser technique only contributes to the superficial elimination of the disease, that is, it removes the tumors themselves, but not their cause. To prevent relapses in the formation of genital warts, you should take a course of antiviral drugs that the doctor selects.

Rehabilitation period

Healing of the skin or mucous membrane at the site of the removed tumor occurs within 10-15 days. The rehabilitation period takes place at home and does not require the patient to be in the hospital. In addition, in the absence of severe complications, regular visits to the doctor after the procedure are also not required.

iodine treatment

Immediately after eliminating genital warts, you need to start taking antiviral drugs, as well as vitamins, designed to strengthen immunity. Such measures will help reduce the risk of tumor re-formation. Among other things, the patient will have to adhere to basic recommendations to accelerate wound healing at the site of warts. Immediately after the procedure, a crust forms on it, which is prohibited:

  • Subject to mechanical stress (friction, pressure).
  • Substitute in direct sunlight, ultraviolet radiation.
  • Seal and obstruct fresh air.
  • Rip off.

If itching, redness, discomfort occurs, you should immediately consult a doctor.


Elimination of genital warts with a laser has a number of contraindications. Impact of this kind is not accepted when:

  • Oncology.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Pathologies of the circulatory system.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Individual intolerance to light radiation.
  • Allergies to local anesthesia.

If necessary, the list of restrictions can be expanded. In order to find out if this method of tumor control is suitable for you specifically, you should visit a preliminary consultation with a surgeon, and maybe even pass additional tests.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using a laser

Removal of genital warts with a laser has recently been very popular. Reviews of the procedure for the most part have a positive connotation: both specialists and patients agree that a technique of this kind is one of the most optimal ways to combat formations. It has such advantages:

  • Efficiency of carrying out manipulations and obtaining visual positive results.
  • No risks of severe complications, minimum side effects after the procedure.
  • The painlessness of the effect, subject to preliminary local anesthesia.
  • The ability to affect tumors of any localization.

laser removal

Unfortunately, do not forget that the laser also has its drawbacks. So, the procedure has a considerable list of contraindications, high cost and dubious effectiveness. After all, the laser is not able to protect the patient from the risks of relapse, he eliminates only the superficial manifestations of the virus.

Laser removal of genital warts It is considered a safe and effective technique that allows you to get rid of the external manifestation of the disease caused by viral strains. A complete cure can only be achieved with a combination of laser therapy with medications and vitamins. The elimination of tumors is carried out in a short time, the laser evaporates the tissues and the wound remains covered with a protective crust. Over time, it disappears on its own and there is no trace of condyloma.

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