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Removal of papillomas with a laser

The papilloma virus is one of the most common and easily transmitted from person to person viruses. Manifestations of infection from an aesthetic point of view significantly spoil the appearance of a person, and from a medical point of view, they indicate a sharp decrease in immunity. It is quite difficult to get rid of such formations, however modern cosmetology provides an excellent opportunity for quick and painless healing. Removal of papillomas with a laser, namely it is in question, is an atraumatic technique that, in combination with drug therapy, provides positive results.

General information about papillomas: distinctive features and causes of appearance

How to distinguish papillomas from other skin formations? The growths of this type in appearance resemble tiny papillae, this is what their name is due to (the word papilla from Latin literally translates as a nipple). They have a dense, but elastic consistency, can be either flesh or dark brown. The sizes of formations of this kind, as a rule, range from one to several millimeters.

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The most common location of papillomas skin folds on the neck, face and torso of a person, the intimate area and the area under the chest. As for the nature of the occurrence of such growths, it certainly has a viral nature. Transmission of infection occurs from person to person using common household items or close, personal contact. In addition, the virus can often be picked up in the pool, it is easily transmitted by water.

There is simply no universal remedy, in addition, there are many varieties of HPV that have different nature and characteristics. It should be remembered that the presence of the virus in the body does not mean the automatic manifestation of growths on the surface of the skin or mucous membrane. Their formation is direct evidence of a decrease in immunity and the inability of the body to perform its protective functions. That is, you can become infected and find out what happened only after a considerable period of time.

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The main types of education

To better understand what we are dealing with, we will discuss the most common types of papillomas. So, today the most common types of formations are:

  • Flat. They are small in size (usually up to 2 mm), oval and round, flesh-colored, characteristic of an early age.
  • Vulgar. They appear on the extremities, have a convex shape and a rough structure.
  • Spiky. They have a ribbed, ragged shape, are located mainly on the mucous membranes of the intimate zone, are transmitted sexually.
  • Threaded. They arise at a fairly mature age (most often found from 35 years). The shape may resemble a thread or a circle on a thin leg-jumper. Characteristic of the neck and armpits.

filamentous papilloma

It looks like a filamentous papilloma

Removal of papillomas with a laser

The easiest way to get rid of the physical manifestation of papillomas is by laser exposure. This procedure is short-term and versatile, as it is suitable for combating formations of various types and in absolutely any zone. The entire treatment process can be conditionally divided into several stages:

  • Anesthesia. Local anesthesia is most often provided through special injections.
  • Destruction. The specialist sets the power, the diameter of the beam and vaporizes the skin growth with its help.
  • Recovery. The wound healing period lasts about 10 days and takes place at home. A small crust forms at the site of the papilloma, which is strictly forbidden to remove on your own.

The advantages of laser technology

Removal of papillomas with a laser has recently become increasingly popular. The explanation of this trend is the minimum of disadvantages and maximum advantages of this technique. The main advantages of laser exposure include:

  • The speed of the manipulation (you can get rid of one papilloma in 30 seconds).
  • The minimum number of contraindications (allergy to local anesthesia or the impossibility of its implementation, pregnancy in the later stages).
  • Minimal negative consequences (The risk of scar formation is reduced to zero, pain and itching are also extremely rare, there are no other side effects).
  • The ability to eliminate the formation not only on the skin of the body, but also on the face, as well as on the mucous membrane, that is, in the most vulnerable areas.
  • Protection against bleeding and the risk of infection (there is no direct contact with the skin, the integrity of blood vessels is not violated).

Papillomas in delicate areas must be removed with a laser

Period after deletion

Despite the effectiveness of laser treatment, the best result can be achieved only if an additional set of measures is observed. So, after the procedure, the patient needs to visit a specialist to get a second consultation about drug treatment. As a rule, the doctor prescribes antiviral therapy, as well as means of preventive support and strengthening the human immune system.

In addition to the use of drugs, the patient will need to follow a number of additional recommendations throughout the recovery period. The reviews of people who went through a similar procedure confirm that following the mandatory rules does not require any effort and does not cause inconvenience. So, it is recommended:

  • Do not glue the formed wound with a plaster, provide a constant flow of air to it.
  • Immediately notify the specialist who performed the removal about the occurrence of unpleasant sensations, pain or itching.
  • Do not strip off the crust on the wound, treat it with prescribed medical compounds (for example, hydrocortisone ointment).
  • Do not allow UV light to enter the wound.
  • Do not expose the laser-treated skin to aggressive mechanical stress (massages, scrubs, etc.).

Laser papilloma removal procedure

Laser papilloma removal procedure

If after the procedure such undesirable effects as scars are observed, the skin should be treated with creams based on fruit acids, they provide the necessary hydration and nutrition. Reviews of such drugs confirm their effectiveness in the fight against new scars.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after papilloma removal procedure with laser No. 1
Photos before and after papilloma removal procedure with laser No. 2
Photos before and after papilloma removal procedure with laser No. 3

How much does laser papilloma removal cost?

It is quite difficult to unequivocally answer the question how much it costs to remove the papilloma. The thing is that the cost of the procedure is not fixed and may depend on many factors. So, the price of laser exposure is determined by the following indicators:

  • Type and size of papilloma.
  • The location of it.

Removal of papillomas from the face and body of a person by laser exposure is the most popular and safest cosmetology technique for solving problems of this kind. A minimum of contraindications, an affordable price, the absence of unpleasant complications – all this helps most patients decide without hesitation on this kind of intervention. However, do not forget that the operation helps to get rid only of the external manifestation of the virus, to avoid relapse, you should drink a course of special drugs.

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