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Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 is a compound of water-soluble nitrilocides, mainly non-toxic, containing sugar. There are almost 800 plant species, most of which are edible.

Probably, many of you have heard about the B6, B12 vitamins, and even a group of useful B-substances. But few people know about the existence of B17. And there is more debate around him than about any other drug. At the same time, it is also called the most powerful cure for cancer, and especially dangerous poison, doctors who use B17 in practice, are equally often called both “luminaries” and charlatans. So far, vitamin B17 is most actively used as a medicine in Mexico. There, the main source of nutrients are apricot kernels. And this, so to speak, is the natural “version” of the vitamin. In addition to her, there is a synthetic analogue of the drug.

Vitamin B17: nice to meet you!

Vitamin B 17, also known as letril or amygdalin, was derived from biochemist Ernest Krebs from apricot kernels. Due to the scientist’s light hand, because of its anti-cancer properties, B17 has received another name, the antitumor vitamin.

Shortly before B17, Dr. Krebs made another discovery – he presented the world with B15 vitamin, or pangamic acid. After years of research, being completely confident in the therapeutic properties of B17, and in order to prove the toxicity of the substance, the doctor introduced himself an injection of letril into his arm. So the scientist tried to show that the substance he discovered was deadly for cancer cells, but completely safe for a healthy body and does not cause side effects.

From a biochemical point of view, B17 is not a vitamin, and its other names are more common in the scientific literature: Mandelonitrile beta D gentiobioside, Mandelonitrile beta glucuronide, Laevorotatory, Purasin, Amygdalina, Nitriloside.

This natural chemotherapeutic drug is found in most fruits and berries. But the main sources of B17 are bitter almonds and apricot kernels. Occurs in clovers, beans.

Letril and amygdalin: what is the difference?

Biochemists divide V17 into letril and amygdalin. The difference between them is simple. If a person, for example, swallows kernels from apricot kernels, it means that he uses amygdalin. While letril is a water-soluble amygdalin-containing substance. Letril is a partially synthetic formation of amygdalin. That is, in the first case, we can talk about the natural “version” of B17, in the second – about the product of the pharmaceutical industry. Natural vitamin is less concentrated and more slowly absorbed by the body. Meanwhile, these two concepts are distinguished to a greater extent only by narrow specialists. In a wide range of people often use the name – vitamin b17.

Vitamin, quarreling the scientific world

It is difficult to find among the microelements another such contradictory substance as amygdalin. Some scientists convince him of his incredible efficacy in the treatment of cancer, others laugh at their colleagues. But still, what made it possible to draw conclusions about the anti-cancer properties of B17? And in general, the almost miraculous capabilities of lerthril – what is it: a myth or a reality, giving a chance for a life without cancer?

The first experiments conducted on animals showed that B17 slows down the development of cancer, stops the growth of tumors, and prevents the spread of metastases. But when the experiment was repeated a second time, its results were no longer so inspiring.

Another group of scientists gave Laetral experiments in the laboratory. Researchers withdrew a specific enzyme from the amygdalin, which is produced under the conditions of the body, and they affected artificially bred cancer cells. Cancer died. But after the experiment, scientists agreed: under the conditions of the human body, along with diseased cells, most likely, healthy ones would have died under the influence of cyanide.

A group of scientists from another clinic concluded that a correctly selected dose of amygdalin can make cancer cells more sensitive to radiotherapy. As a result of the experiments, the following discovery was made: cancer cells in the center of the tumor are less saturated with oxygen than the cell outside the malignant formation. And the absence of oxygen makes the cell more resistant to anti-cancer therapy, in particular, almost insensitive to radiation.

Laboratory studies have convinced scientists that 17 is capable of enriching the areas damaged by the tumor with oxygen and thereby increasing the effectiveness of traditional treatment.

This experience was first conducted in the 1978 year, since the official confirmation of the results has not been.

At the end of the 1970s – at the beginning of the 1980s, two studies were conducted by the National Cancer Institute (USA). The first phase of the experiment was attended by 6 cancer patients. They agreed to check for themselves at what doses amygdalin acts (and does it act at all) on cancer patients. At this stage, the researchers managed to learn not so much. The main conclusion made in the 1970’s: a large amount of raw almonds eaten, as a source of B17, causes poisoning.

The second phase of the experiment was conducted in 1982, with the participation of 175 cancer patients. But only one person after 10 weeks of use of amygdalin registered positive changes. In other patients, the tumor continued to grow, some metastasized to the liver.

But it is known that scientists have not left B17 beyond their attention and continue laboratory experiments. Perhaps soon they will delight the world with new information about the efficacy of the substance.

Unrecognized cancer remedy

So far there is no scientific basis for unequivocally calling B17 a cancer treatment – official medicine refuses to agree with this statement.

But despite this, many people choose letril instead of traditional radio or chemotherapy. By the way, for the first time this substance was used as a cure for cancer in Russia in the 1845 year, and the USA in the 1920. In 1970, a worldwide campaign began with the promotion of B17 as an anti-cancer agent. Later, amygdalin became part of special diet programs.

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What makes V17 so powerful?

Today the question remains open to many: how does vitamin B17 in apricot pits manage to kill cancer cells? Or is it still a hoax and there is no anti-tumor effect?

The B17 formula consists of glucose and hydrogen cyanide. This “mixture” and destroys cancer cells. When an amygdalin molecule encounters a cancer cell in its way, it splits into 2 glucose molecules, 1 hydrogen cyanide molecule and 1 benzaldehyde molecule. First, glucose passes into the damaged cell, then cyanide and benzaldehyde from glucose create a special poison that destroys cancer. In early studies, it was assumed that the main molecule in the fight against cancer is the hydrogen cyanide molecule. More recent studies indicate that benzaldehyde is the “killer” of cancer.

If you go around all the clever scientific terms and try to explain in a simple way, then you get this. Cancer loves sugar. In the cores of apricot kernels, sugar is surrounded by cyanide. Cancer “eats” your favorite sugar and “releases” cyanide, which begins to act only in a cancer cell. Such a smart bomb.

And if you understand how amygdalin “works”, it becomes clear: the problem is not in the toxicity of apricot kernels, but in the amount of B17 consumed. On the other hand, even if you take an adequate dose of seeds, but too much sugar is present in the daily diet, this can also offset the positive properties of B17.

Therefore, when initiating apricot therapy, it is important to exclude sugar intake from the daily ration or minimize it.

The use of this biochemical process for many decades has been causing heated debates in scientific circles, but so far, as some have argued, this is the only effective method of dealing with oncological formations. Many doctors oppose the use of B17 as an anticancer drug, citing its toxicity. Meanwhile, the advocates of amygdalin remind: other drugs for oncological diseases are much more toxic.

Adherents of cancer treatment with leriet, claim that it is not only able to destroy diseased cells, but also acts on the body as a general tonic. And if you buy a pharmacy B17 is not an opportunity, it is always easy to get from food, which contains amygdalin.

Sweet medicine

Most people have chosen apricot kernels as the source of B17. To taste they resemble almonds, but more delicate. Most experts recommend consuming 24 to 35 cores daily per day. Among other products where you can find amygdalin, sprouted wheat and buckwheat. However, cereals in processed form (for example, in flour) lose their vitamin properties. But the heat treatment for vitamin B17 is fearless – it can withstand up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Also pay attention to raspberries and blackberries, the seeds of which contain В17. In addition, the composition of raspberry and strawberry is another anti-cancer substance – ellagic acid.

Many housewives, cooking jam from blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, get rid of the seeds. And this is the main mistake.

It is small grains contain the most useful properties. And eating apples, although sometimes it is worth eating the whole fruit – along with seeds.

These recommendations are relevant not only for patients of oncologic dispensaries. Do not want to ever face this terrible disease – eat apricots and berries as a tasty source of vitamins and microelements, as well as for the prevention of many diseases. At least, so advise people who believe in the healing properties of B17.

How “works” in the body

Laetral molecule is able to enter into chemical reactions with enzymes of non-cancer cells even before the impact on the malignant formation. The enzyme of a healthy cell acts detrimentally on the B17 molecule, destroying it. Consequently, after such a reaction, the effect on the malignant formation of В17 will not give.

The second way to influence B17 on the body. As a result of metabolic processes, B17 is capable of producing trypsin and chymotrypsin in the human body, and they are already fighting against cancers: they break down the enzymes surrounding the cancer cells, after which the white blood cells can identify the “sick” cells and kill them.

Another beneficial side effect of the B17 diet is that the body synthesizes more B12 vitamin, which in combination with ascorbic acid is also an excellent anti-cancer agent.

And although amygdalin has not yet been approved as a drug for the treatment of cancer, Dr. John Richardson from the San Francisco Clinic took the risk. He prescribed B17 medication to his oncology patients and carefully monitored the changes in their condition. The risky move had a positive effect.

The first thorough studies aimed at studying the work of amygdalin as an anti-cancer agent were carried out over 5 years from 1972 to 1977 a year. Even then, a group of scientists in the United States found that the substance:

  • interferes with the growth of tumors;
  • stops the growth of metastasis in the body;
  • reduces pain caused by swelling;
  • improves the general well-being of the patient;
  • serves as a prophylactic against foreign formations.

The best treatment – prevention

If you are an average resident of a megalopolis with bad habits, leading a low-active lifestyle, eating fast food while on a run, taking a couple of hours a day to sleep, and there is nothing to do at sports, congratulations, you are in the risk zone! Yes, yes, statistics nods threateningly: it is this group of humanity (and this is most of us) that is most at risk of a window of illness. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons – from genetic to not understandable, even with the lightest professor heads … But the first and most common is a way of life. And what is important is that it is the only cause of diseases that a person can influence independently, but does not always want to … But it’s not so difficult to vitaminize your menu and at least sometimes go in for sports.

No need to have a medical education in order to learn how to take care of your health. All the rules are simple and for centuries known to mankind.

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B17 and other products containing vitamins and antioxidants can significantly improve health, create a reliable barrier against many diseases. We’ll talk about B17 a bit later, but for now the most popular ones that are always at hand: ginger, caraway seeds, flax, raw fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, chard, chili pepper, sprouted wheat.

Pharmaceutical forms of B17

Before we talk about the properties of this substance, it is worth noting the most important. Under no circumstances should you take B17 without the supervision of a doctor, especially in case of cancer. Pharmaceutical letil, like any other pharmaceutical agent, with overdose or misuse can cause serious adverse reactions.

The pharmaceutical industry offers Lethrin in several forms. B17 can be taken as:

  • injection (intravenous);
  • tablets;
  • outdoor lotions.

It is important to say that the tablet form of B17 more often causes side effects than the use of the drug in ampoules.

Also, digestive bacteria and enzymes affect the effectiveness of levitarya tablets – they are capable of destroying the amygdalin molecule.

Proponents of cancer treatment with B17 recommend daily intravenous injections for 2-3 weeks, then take a tablet form for some time. For skin diseases, lotions from В17 in liquid form are recommended.

Dosage lerthril

Although officially the pharmaceutical form of B17 is prohibited in many countries, but some still manage to get the drug. And if we talk about letrile as a medicine against cancer, then its dosage is still only a theory, unconfirmed in practice.

Some experts recommend taking the drug in such doses:

  • for intravenous injection – 1-9 g;
  • tablets – 100-500 mg;
  • as prevention – 50-200 mg.

Many supporters of vitamin treatment recommend taking it on an empty stomach – in this case, the gastric juice neutralizes the cyanide molecule.

Use of amygdalin

Adherents of apricot treatment are advised to eat no more than 30 kernels from apricot kernels per day. Each bone contains approximately 4-5 mg of amygdalin, and a dose of 30-120 mg is obtained from 150 nuclei.

According to another theory, a day should eat exactly as many apricot seeds as fruit was eaten. That is, to eat the sweet fruit entirely, and not to separate the pulp or kernels from the bones. Some people can not chew bitter-tasting seeds, then you can try to chop the apricot kernels and mix them with fruit juice.

True, we must remember that the measure must be in all. You can not buy a bucket of apricots and eat them all in one evening. An overdose of vitamin B17 causes intoxication.

Fortunately, the human body is a clever system. And the body is programmed to say “no” when it experiences an excess in something, thus protecting itself from poisoning.

Signs of overdose:

  • dizziness;
  • deterioration of vision;
  • nausea.

If any of the symptoms is observed, it is worthwhile to reduce the dose of B17 intake. When signs of an overdose of a vitamin, first of all, take care of detoxification – remove the remaining cyanide from the body, having previously transformed it into non-toxic thiosulfate. Drink plenty of water. If symptoms persist, more radical methods are applied immediately in a hospital setting.

But do not be afraid, hypervitaminosis – an extremely rare phenomenon, if synthetic vitamin is used under the supervision of a physician. Natural amygdalin, obtained from food, is generally not dangerous for the body.

Also, they say, amygdalin in the form of a solution for intravenous injection is devoid of toxicity. In the blood of patients taking injections 17, the content of cyanide was not detected.

B17 deficiency

It is difficult to say what the consequences for the body are the lack of 17, since the properties of the drug are not yet fully understood. Meanwhile, it is the cause of the deficit that many explain such diseases as:

  • cancer;
  • hypertension;
  • pain of uncertain origin;
  • inflammation.

Side effects

Amygdalin, as already noted, and that is the main reason for not using the drug as a medicine, contains cyanide. And this is quite a strong poison. His overdose causes:

  • nausea;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • liver problems;
  • fevers;
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • violation of coordination and movement habits;
  • confusion;
  • to whom;
  • death.

It is calculated that 50-60 apricot kernels contain 50 grams of amygdalin, and this is a lethal dose for humans. Therefore, taking B17 in pills or injections, it is important to avoid those foods that contain a lot of amygdalin. And this:

  • raw almonds;
  • pounded fruit seeds, seeds, kernels;
  • celery;
  • apricots;
  • peaches;
  • bean pods;
  • carrot;
  • linen;
  • nuts.

Named products are quite safe for daily use if the diet does not have pharmaceutical analogues B17. Eating a large amount of amygdalin-rich food is not recommended for people with a diseased liver, since letril causes severe damage to the gland.

Given the illegality of the use of amygdalin in the treatment of oncological diseases, and at the same time high popularity among consumers eager for self-medication, in many countries around the world, including in the European Union and the United States, they were withdrawn from free sale. But lovers of shopping online are happy: literally everything is easy to buy online. Although biochemists have their own opinion on this – medical preparations on the Internet are often nothing more than dummies …

However, it is up to the patient to decide which method of treatment to give preference: orthodox medicine or experimental.

Whatever the decision, it is important that it be made wisely, after carefully weighing all the pros and cons, all the pros and cons, taking into account the risks.

Side Effects of Vitamin from Apricots

  1. Low pressure. Sometimes taking drugs and food containing В17, provoke a sharp decrease in blood pressure. But usually this is a temporary reaction that occurs as a result of the formation of rhodanide in the body – a substance that affects blood pressure. As a rule, hypotension under the influence of 17 does not reach critical indicators, but in combination with antihypertensive drugs requires additional control. It is also important to see a doctor for people with cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Blood thinning. Since many in parallel with B17 take proteolytic (pancreatic) enzymes, it is important to recall: this combination contributes to the dilution of blood.
  3. Probiotics. Taking amygdalin with high strength probiotics can increase the amount of hydrogen cyanide, which is fraught with undesirable side effects.
  4. Combination with other anti-cancer drugs. Every time a person plans to combine several alternative methods of treating or preventing cancer, it is important to consider the compatibility and incompatibility of certain drugs. Finding out what you cannot combine B17 with will help – at least – instructions for use, as a maximum (and most correctly) – by the attending physician.
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Sources В17

There are many sources of vitamin B17 in the wild. Natural amygdalin is a bitter substance. And the person, who is eager for only pleasant to the taste and aroma of products, refused to select and cross bitter plants containing В17. Therefore, most of the “domesticated” plants do not contain bitterness. The exception is the kernel of the seeds of some fruits, such as apricots and peaches.

Which products contain B17: comparative table

Название продукта Vitamin content of the 100 g product
Blackberry poor
Wild blackberry Maximum
Cranberries high
gooseberries Average
Elder Maximum
the norm Average
Raspberry Average
Apple (seeds) high
Apricot (bones) high
Buckwheat Average
Cherry (bones) Maximum
Linen Average
Millet Average
Peach (bones) high
Pear (seeds) high
Plum (bones) Maximum
Prunes (bones) high
Peas poor
Lentil Average
Bitter almond Maximum
cashew nuts Maximum
Macadamia nut Maximum
alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Average
Beetroot poor
Eucalyptus Maximum
Watercress poor
Sweet potato poor

The indicator “high content” means that in 100 grams of the product contains within 500 mg of vitamin B17, the “maximum” is higher than 500 mg. The average level of vitamin saturation is 100 mg amygdalin per 100 g of food. It makes sense to talk about low product fortification when B17 per 100 grams of food contains less than 100 mg.

With this knowledge, it is easy to make a menu based on the daily needs of the body in the anti-tumor vitamin.

Anti-cancer diet

“Allow food to be medicine, and medicine to be food.” Probably nothing is more correct if we are talking about cancer and the attitude of a person to their health, the principles of nutrition. There are examples of people who, having refused to use the services of traditional medicine, successfully and happily live with a diagnosis of cancer, choosing a medical diet instead of medicines.

Many nutritionists are not surprised by such examples; on the contrary, they claim that many miracles can do the right food. But at the same time, none of them dare to assert that you can completely abandon the services of traditional medicine. Although the use of dietary advice in parallel with the treatment – a good option. Especially when it comes to vitamins. In particular, about a substance capable of fighting cancer cells – vitamin B17.

Some nutritionists argue that a certain nutritional system can relieve from many diseases, including to protect against cancer.

When cancer, some recommend to focus on raw foods. Enter in the diet of fruits with seeds, grains, nuts, adding them to dishes from raw vegetables.

Secondly, to enhance the “performance” of B17, it is recommended to additionally take:

  • zinc (important for transporting B17 throughout the body);
  • vitamin C;
  • manganese;
  • magnesium;
  • selenium;
  • B6, B9, B12 vitamins, A, E.

In addition, plant proteins are an important part of the therapy. Additionally, it is recommended to take enzymes that support the work of the pancreas. Some suggest supplementing the letril therapy with vitamin B15.

Buckwheat B17 Diet

A great source of 17 is buckwheat. For the replenishment of vitamin reserves and cancer prevention, it is recommended that at least several times a year they adhere to a nutrition program developed by nutritionists.

Wellness program

  1. Eat buckwheat three times a day (half a cup of raw cereal per serving). After boiling, add X spoons of olive oil to 2 porridge. Eat slowly.
  2. For 30 minutes before meals, take 1 a tablespoon of treatment mixture. For its preparation, take in equal proportions buckwheat flour, crushed rosehip berries and chopped lentils. Add a tablespoon of warm boiled water, 1-1 teaspoons of honey, 2 a teaspoon of aloe juice to the 1 mixture.
  3. During the day, drink 4 glasses of frozen and then thawed water and 4 glasses of water diluted with fruit or berry freshly squeezed juice (proportion of 3: 1). You can take pineapple, citrus, blueberry, raspberry, black currant, blackberry.
  4. An hour before meals drink ginger or herbal tea without sugar. Can with raisins.

And do not forget about clover!

But if the inhabitants of cold regions may have problems with apricots, and the fruit season is very short, then there are no problems with clover. And he, by the way, is no less effective remedy containing vitamin B17.

In order to prevent or in the treatment program using teas and tinctures of clover, as well as fresh juice of the plant.

Amygdalin is also useful for pets.

Proponents of the use of lenticulars in veterinary medicine claim that vitamin B17 is as beneficial to a cat and a dog as it is to a human being.

For example, doctor of vet medicine John Craig recommends giving four-toed fingers, suffering from a lack of weight, for 1 a teaspoon of crushed apricot kernels. For animals, letil in combination with vitamin C serves as an analgesic and immunity-strengthening agent. B17 is also used to treat cancer in animals.

But the treatment of the animal with leriet has several rules:

  • do not overdose;
  • do not soak the tablets in water – the liquid releases cyanide;
  • treat under the supervision of a veterinarian.

And instead of the conclusion …

When it comes to vitamin B 17, many (who, of course, are aware of the existence of such a substance) recall cyanide, a toxic substance found in amygdalin.

Meanwhile, chemists recall: hydrogen cyanide and cyanide are completely different substances. Hydrogen cyanide (or another name – hydrocyanic acid) is indeed a dangerous substance. But hydrocyanic acid is formed from letril only under certain conditions – under the influence of the enzyme beta-glucosidases, and it is contained in the human body exclusively in cancer cells. That is, there is no oncology – no enzyme – no dangerous hydrocyanic acid.

Regarding the cyanide radical as part of B17 – chemists do not deny this fact. But they clarify: the same element is in B12, and in almost all berries.

And if you follow the measure and wisely approach to treatment and preventive health promotion, there is nothing to worry about.

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